With the AEO certificate, we have developed into a safe and secure, and reliable partner with regard to Administration, thus we have at our disposal the best competitive advantages to facilitate international trade.

As an AEO (AUTHORISED ECONOMIC¬ OPERATOR) we enjoy preferential treatment with customs, which gives us greater speed and agility in customs operations with lower associated costs.

At Alfinter Forwarding, we meet all the requirements of international trade, guaranteeing the agility, reliability, and safety and security of the logistics chain in each of its links¬.

Direct benefits for our clients:
  • Lower number of physical and document checks, and priority during these.
  • Chance to choose the location of the inspection.
  • Greater ease of access to simplified customs procedures.
  • Summary declarations of entry or departure with less data.
  • Prior notification of a physical check.
  • Access to customs facilitation.

The AEO figure is governed by means of Regulation (EEC) no. 2454/93.